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The function of cooling fan

cooling fan according to different materials and construction, and in the actual use of the process, is there a lot of different species present them. If you are free to mix work on our normal use, but has a very big impact.

First, the axial fan of different materials, the drag coefficient of the above, but also has a great difference. If the vehicle is in motion the process of the emergence of the heating system imbalance, as well as the potential difference between the potential of the situation, are likely to result in cooling fan suffered electrochemical corrosion, and can not normally be used.

In addition, different materials, in terms of corrosion resistance, there are also great differences. Take waterway copper radiator fan, and a steel column radiator fan to examples given it. Column system cooling fan in the middle of the actual application, the air flow is generally low, people will appear dry and hot conditions. However, copper waterway radiator fan can be good to avoid this problem. However, the actual energy consumption during waterway copper radiator fan, than, those steel column radiator fan is higher than many.

Different cooling fan, in the middle of the actual application, there are many different effects therein. Reasonable and effective according to their actual situation, to buy, is the most effective. ac fan